What is Evershare?

Songs earn money from royalties, sales of records, live performances, radio and TV plays and synchronisation (like getting songs on an advert or movie).
Royalties are paid to Artists, songwriters and publishers and record labels for, public performances of their music on radio or TV, online like Spotify or Youtube, at live gigs, and even your local barber shop when it plays a song pays a royalty.
Copyright is a law that gives the owner of a work (like a book, movie, picture, song or website) the right to say how other people can use it
We store and transmit all the ownership data of the rights in the song forever on blockchain – it is like a form of insurance – and no one can change that without agreement by all the involved parties. We use “smart contracts” to ensure that whatever has been agreed between two or more parties is carried out. If Artist A agrees to share 20% of their future royalties in return for $$$ from fans then, when $$$$ come in, 20% will automatically be paid to the fans.
We use paypal and all major credit card to handle all transactions. We have no access to any credit card details or any personal information.
You can use your own national currency. Whilst we love blockchain we are not (yet) accepting crypto currency but hope to soon.
We charge an administration fee (the lowest music administration charge by any major music organisation) to handle the ongoing royalty receipts and payments.
No. If you want to bid for a song offer you just bid the amount - that’s it - there are no hidden extras.
Every song is different, and clearly some are more successful than others. But every stream generates a micro payment, and there are billions of streams every day. If a song is played on radio or TV it will generate a payment too and they will pay a lot more. But no matter where the songs are played all of these royalties are collected by the Performance Rights Organisations and Collection Agencies. These agencies pay the copyright owners / administrators up to four times a year. However, unlike other copyright administrators (Publishers) who then take another six months to pay the money to the songwriter we will pay the songwriter (and you the fan) immediately. Yes immediately. We will credit your account with your share of the royalties the instant we get it and you are free to withdraw that money instantly too – or buy more song shares!
We insist that our writers / artists allow you the fan, the supporter, at least 10 years of income form the royalties of the song. That is only fair. You are taking the risk so you need to share in the rewards. We will not allow any artist / songwriter to launch an offer where you do not get at least 10 years income share – period.
Our feature membership model means that you the fan will get exclusives directly from the artist. Pre release tracks, unreleased tracks only for you, merch discounts, exclusive invites in fact whatever the Artist thinks they can do to reward you for your support. We are also constantly doing deals with great companies to bring you exclusives and discounts so check out the membership package, it’s there is you want it.
Can I cancel my subscription membership?
Imagine you had spotted a young Miss Adkins and you thought she was a very good singer and you wanted to help, get involved, be part of her journey. You could “like” her on Facebook YAWN!...... Or Tweet about her… BIG DEAL…. or maybe invest in her future. Just some money when she needs it at the start of her career and then as she grew in popularity the value of your share in her grew too. Now a few years later when you watch Miss Adele Adkins (aka “Adele”) you can say “I backed her, I was there at the beginning”. Oh yeah and you get paid dividends up to four times a year on her royalties! That beats the stock market. So why do this? Because it’s FUN, it’s new, it’s smart and hey you might back the next Adele!

For Artists

Well firstly do NOT spend $$$ on some sites out there who are ripping writers off. Ignore them and save time and register your songs with us for FREE. Yip! Zip! Nada! Once you have timestamped and fixed a recording of your work then it is “copyright” and you are protected. Simple!
Just because you might listen to a song for free doesn’t meant it has no value. Your song is an asset. It has value. Every time it is played on YouTube or Spotify it generates very small payments but these all add up. However, if you are not registered or you have just stuck your song onto a platform with lot’s of subscribers you will not see any of that money. You need to protect your songs and earn from those streams and plays - it’s your money. All shops, bars, clubs even your barber has to pay t o use music.
Sure. Why not? Music is part of the ambience of his shop which attracts his customers so of course why shouldn’t he pay the songwriter who helps create that vibe. Same for clothes stores, café’s, hotels in fact any public place that plays music has to pay for it. That’s the law!
This is getting serious now! In the UK it is our friends at PRS and in the USA to get his licence to play music the barber would pay ASCAP or BMI and in Canada SOCAN who all collect on behalf of the copyright owners.
Songs earn money from royalties, Streaming, playlists, plays on YouTube, live performances, radio and TV plays and synchronisation (like getting songs on an advert or movie).
A music synchronization license, or "sync" for short, is a music license granted by the holder of the copyright of a particular composition, allowing the licensee to synchronize ("sync") music with some kind of visual media output (film, television shows, advertisements, video games, accompanying website music, movie trailers, etc.). The company using the track pays the copyright owner / administrator. This payment can be a few dollars to tens of thousands if a song gets used on a film.
This is called a Mechanical Licence and it is a licence paid by record companies to the copyright owner when a song is released for sale. These royalties are collected by collection agencies like the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society in the UK and they then distribute these royalties to the copyright owners or copyright administrators. We are registered with MCPS and are able to receive these royalties from sales worldwide.
So my song is played on Spotify can I not just get money directly from them? No.
Yes and if you haven’t registered the song you won’t get paid! There are so many ways a song makes money for the copyright owner and when it is played live it generates a “performance” royalty. Concert venue owners pay royalties to the Performance Rights Organisations like ASCAP and PRS who in turn pay the copyright owners / administrators. So ultimately the songwriter gets paid every time their song is played on tour, festivals, local gigs, DJ sets. Register now with us to collect that income.

For Fans

David Bowie was the first to try this with his “Bowie Bonds” where he sold the right to future income in the copyright of his songs. We have taken that idea and now allow you, the fan, to have a share of your favourite artist’s songs.
It’s all about the song! It’s the song that makes the money. Our artists (writers and producers) write their own songs and this site is all about backing a great song, helping your favourite artist and sharing in their success.
We administer any income that is generated and received and ensure that everyone is paid according to their share so just login to your account. Remember it takes a few months for income to start coming through.
Before an Artist launches an offer for a share in a song they must first have registered the song with us. We will ask the writer to prove that they own all the rights (and that any samples are cleared) and that they have the right to offer the song share. These details (song title, ownership, songwriter credits) are all saved on the blockchain.
Remember you are supporting Artists in the music industry, it’s your belief in the song, it’s risky, it’s fun. So remember when you buy a song share you are doing it because you love the song, you think the artist is great or you just want to have a bit of fun backing the next potential Drake, Ariana Grande or Ed Sheeran – remember Ed was nobody once and if you had backed him a few years ago well you’d be sitting on your yacht by now!
As many as you like. This is all about you, the fan, and your belief in the songs and artists and if you believe that they will do well and want a share of that success then bid all you like.
We help Artists get funded by their fans from around the world. An Artist launches a “Song Offer” and fans choose the amount they want to buy into. Our platform organises and records everything on blockchain so when income comes through you get your pro rata share of that income.