A Guide to Fundraising For Sports Clubs

A Guide to Fundraising For Sports Clubs

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In the UK, we have many favourite pastimes, including enjoying coffee, going for walks, spending time with our pets and playing sports. When you think about it, we’re a pretty active nation, and most people participate in a sport they enjoy at some stage in their life. 

Many sports clubs work with disadvantaged youths in their community to give people a sense of purpose. Like most things, nothing is free, and there are numerous costs to consider, including kits, transport, coaches and many more expenses. 

One of the best ways a sports club can remain in operation is by engaging in fundraising activities. There are plenty of opportunities for clubs to improve their financial state, and in this post, we’re going to reveal our guide to fundraising for sports clubs. 

Why is it Important for Sports Clubs to Fundraise?

Fundraising is essential for many sports clubs to remain in operation, but it also holds many benefits for the team members and their supporters. Let’s take a look at why fundraising is essential. 

Money to Remain in Operation 

Perhaps the most obvious reason a sports club needs to engage in fundraising activities is to remain in operation. While parents and family members are usually happy to buy kits and contribute to equipment and transport needs, many sports clubs need extra support to fund their more disadvantaged members. 

It’s also important to consider that there has to be money to rent out a location to train and play matches, creating a large dent in the yearly budget. 

Teaches Young People About Responsibility 

Fundraising is an excellent activity for young people because it teaches them about responsibility. Being part of a team isn’t solely about building friendships; it’s also about working together to create something unique. 

Becoming responsible for their teammates gives people a sense of purpose and can be a fantastic way to instil pride in young adults. 

It Sustains Sports

While people worldwide watch sports, it’s their actual engagement in them that continues our interest in sporting activities. We associate sports with teamwork, building confidence, physical fitness and mental wellbeing, so small teams must engage in fundraising to keep their sport alive. 

Connecting People 

Fundraising is perfect for connecting people from all walks of life and gaining a deeper understanding of each other. Both older people and young individuals can get to know one another and learn about the value of sport for each of them. 

Inspires Creativity 

According to an article published by Lifehack, creative thinking is an essential skill if you want to succeed personally and professionally. While it’s a common misconception that creativity is a natural born skill, you can learn to develop your creative thinking by looking at things differently. 

Fundraising can encourage creative thinking because people need to think about exciting ways to get donations. When someone can think out of the box, they can come up with unique solutions to problems and offer a unique perspective, which is an attractive skill to employers. 

The Different Ways to Secure Your Sports Club’s Future

There are three distinct methods you can use to secure the financial stability of your sports club. While each has its advantages, it’s best to engage in a combination of the three to have the best chance of ensuring your club succeeds. 


Fundraising is probably the most popular way for a sports club to remain financially stable. There are many ways clubs fundraise, but holding events, auctions and asking people for donations are usually the most effective. 

Membership Fees 

It’s common for a sports club to have membership fees in place and a structure in which people pay to engage in sports. Most people are willing to contribute some money to the club, especially if it enriches their daily lives. 

An excellent way to ask for membership fees is by implementing a staggered payment system. For example, students and single parents won’t be able to afford what a two-parent, working family can. 

By tailoring your fees to match your members’ earnings, you can gain more subscriptions and position yourself as a fair club that respects each of its members. 

Apply For Grants 

It might surprise you to know that there are plenty of grants available to sports clubs in the UK. If you actively support people within your community and can prove that your club provides both physical health benefits and improves a person’s wellbeing, you can apply for a grant. 

Ranging from £300 to £10,000, grants can help you to buy new kits, find a place to practice and make sure you have the means to support your club. The two most popular grant providers are The National Lottery and Sport England

Regardless of whether you secure a sponsorship or generate a regular income due to membership fees, you’ll probably still need to fundraise. Luckily, there are some excellent ways to increase your donations. Let’s take a look at them. 

Hold a Raffle 

A timeless classic, raffles can generate higher levels of income without you having to spend a fortune on prizes. Easy to organise and perfect for clubs on a budget, most people are willing to part with £1 -£5 to support your raffle. 

You can keep it simple and buy a bottle of wine as the prize or ask local businesses and team members to donate items. Whether you want to announce the results on your website or hold a gathering each month, raffles are ideal as a no-frills fundraising approach. 

Sell Sweets 

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

A simple but effective way to increase your funds is by opening a club tuck shop. If you have a lot of visitors, then selling sweets and treats could be profitable. The best thing is you can save a lot of money by purchasing wholesale sweets and bottled drinks. 

Make sure you create pick and mix bags and promote them to your visitors. It could also be worth trying to sell healthier snack options, especially if you promote physical fitness and better diet choices. 

Sell Merchandise 

A more expensive but equally effective option is to sell merchandise. People love belonging to something, and the best thing about selling t-shirts, hoodies and bumper stickers with your team logo on them is it creates a sense of unity. 

The main issue with selling merchandise is that it requires an initial investment. You should check before making a commitment that people are interested in buying team merchandise, or you’ll end up with less money and items you don’t need! 

Rent Out Your Club 

Everyone wants and needs a place to meet others, enjoy activities and hold functions, but it’s not always easy to find a location. If you operate a sports club, then the chances are you own or have full-time use of a clubhouse. 

People will always be on the lookout for a place to hold their birthday party, anniversary celebration or any event with a lot of attendees. If you don’t use your clubhouse all the time or have extra space, then advertising it for bookings can keep your finances stable. 

You can also rent out your pitch or courts, depending on which sport you focus on. It’s a fantastic way to attract new team members, and most people will happily pay sports club fees rather than join an expensive gym. 

If your clubhouse looks a bit updated, then it’s advisable to update it before advertising it as a party space. While there’s an initial investment, decorating your space will attract more people. 

Car Boot Sale 

If you’re familiar with the traditional auction but hate the planning that goes into it, then car boot sales can be very profitable for your club. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and every member of your club will have items they no longer want. 

Auctions take a lot of planning, but a car boot sale is easy to set up – especially if you have the premises to host your event. Ask current members to donate items for the sale and explain to them that the proceeds will fund the sports club. 

There are plenty of useful ways to promote the car boot sale, including advertising on Facebook pages to your local community, posting an advert in Newspapers and making sure people tell their friends and family members about the sale. 

Clubhouse Quiz Night 

Image by G Lopez from Pixabay

The best thing about having access to a clubhouse is how you can use it to your advantage. Many sports club owners find that their premises become a gathering point for parents, and it’s always useful to incorporate a bar. 

Everyone loves a quiz night, and it’s ideal for bringing people together. You can advertise it to club members, but it’s best to make sure the wider public knows about the event, so you have an opportunity to make more money. 

Host a Black Tie Event 

Black tie events are an excellent way to connect with lots of people in your locality. If you have a clubhouse available, you can host an event that allows local businesses to see what you do and how it benefits the community as a whole. 

Ask your sports team members to contribute food and drink to save money and explain it’s an event to gain more sponsors, hopefully. Most of your members will be willing to help, and they can also deliver presentations about how sports benefits your life. 

Sponsored Activities 

You can do so much with sponsored activities, and it’s an excellent way to get your whole team involved. Most of your team will be happy to participate in the experience, and you can choose from a range of activities. 

Popular choices include skydiving and bungee jumping, but if you’d prefer a less extreme activity, you could go for sponsored runs, silences or ask your team members to come up with their own activity and get donations from friends and family. 

You could also plan a sponsored activity that revolves around the sport of your choice. For example, football clubs can do a penalty shoot-out competition, and tennis players could hold charity matches. 

Getting your team involved also means you can make it an educational activity and teach your members a sense of responsibility and commitment. 

Rent an Athlete 

Rent an athlete events are dependent on how committed your team is to raising money. All you need to do is advertise your team to the public and allow them to rent out a specific member to perform tasks. 

The tasks could be anything from grocery shopping, dog walking or performing home maintenance. Once the athlete completes their chores, they’ll receive a payment for the team. It’s an excellent way to engage your team members in fundraising, and most will enjoy the experience. 

Ensure you put your team’s safety first and try to keep the tasks as outdoor activities. If people want to rent an athlete for household chores, make sure you have a system in place to ensure everyone is kept safe. 

Coach Punishment 

Coaches have to be strict and continuously make their team strive for perfection. So what better way to raise money for your club than let your team pay to punish the coach? Popular choices include throwing pies in the face, dunking the coach in water and making the coach work out. 

Ensure your coach is willing to take part in the event and has a good sense of humour. It would be best if you also thought about putting rules in place to protect your coach. People can get carried away, and it’s essential to make sure health and safety come first. 

Host a Fun Day

Photo by Kristina Balić on Unsplash

While the UK has moved on from many traditions, the summer fete is still a favourite pastime. Full of fun activities, delicious treats and craft stalls, people come together to raise money for various causes. If you have access to a large space, you can hold a fete and get your team members involved. 

Face painting, cake stalls and activities are all popular ways to get donations for your club, but you can also ask parents to set up booths and take a portion of the profits. For example, a parent might enjoy making soap or pots and be willing to sell them at the event. 

There are so many things you can do with your fun day, including having a talent competition and traditional games such as smack a rat and a tombola. Advertise the event to members of your community using the internet and local papers. 

You might even attract some new team members! 

Set Up Cashless Donations 

The days of collection tins are far behind us, and it’s easier than ever to gather donations from people. While many don’t carry cash and prefer to use their cards, sports clubs can still collect money if they implement the right technologies. 

Donation points are ideal for getting people on the go to donate to your club, and cashless QR codes mean people can contribute to your team regardless of where they are. A secure code is generated, enabling people to use their phone or other devices to give as much money as they want. 

As the recipient, you can also benefit from instant bank to bank payments and low transfer fees. You can find more information on cashless payments here

Sports Day Tournament 

We all remember our yearly sports day at school. Not only did we get to leave behind classes, but we also competed in our favourite traditional games, such as the egg and spoon race. If you’d like to bring some nostalgia to your fundraising event, then it’s the perfect way to get everyone involved. 

You can ask people to pay to enter your tournament and form their own teams. Members of the public can also get involved, which means you could get more donations. Ask local businesses to donate prizes for the top three teams, and local schools might be willing to let you borrow some equipment. 

Offer Classes 

The best thing about running a sports team is that you can make use of the extensive sporting knowledge your team members have. You can offer free classes to the public in return for a donation to your club. 

Your team members can choose which classes they offer, but some ideas include sporting technique and teaching young people. Another popular option is to provide fitness training. Athletes have to be in excellent condition, so most will have extensive knowledge about which activities are best for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The Takeaway 

Fundraising is an essential task for sports clubs to thrive, and most people are willing to contribute to their club because of the lifestyle benefits it offers. Whether it’s children or adults, sports clubs give people a chance to socialise, develop new skills and grow in confidence. 

With so many ideas available, you’ll be able to find the ones that your team want to get involved in to secure the future of your club. Remember to have fun and make fundraising an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 

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